Wizard Express Small Jobs Service

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Need a small job done fast? We've got the solution. Our simple "flat rate" pricing of $99 for any small job you need done.

Simply order the Wizard Express Small Jobs Service and within 48 hours* your small job will be completed.

Wizard Express is a flat rate of $99. Think of anything you've wanted to do for a long time and haven't been able to get to it, and we'll do it for you.

Examples Include (but are not limited to):
  • Fixing Broken Scripts
  • Realignment of Misplaced Graphics or Text
  • Simple Visual Enhancements (resizing logo's, adjusting css)
  • Tracking Script Installations

  • Simply order Wizard Express and fill out the required information and we will get started on your project immediately.

    *Jobs are completed within 48 hours with the exceptions of weekends and holidays.

    Other Items You Need to Know:

    1. Only one job per store per fee.
    2. Once you input your project description, we will determine if it is a small job. If we approve your request as a small job, we will complete the job and bill you upon completion of the job. If the job is more complex than originally anticipated, a member of the Wizard's team will contact you with more information.
    3. Jobs are based on one hour increments. Jobs expected to take longer than one hour may not be approved for Wizard Express.
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