Pseudo Tabs - Targeted Text Tabs

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Pseudo tabs are not really tabs at all, but instead are coded text targets so shoppers can jump down the page to the text they're looking for.

Google ranks visible content highest and non-active tabs get crawled but don't rank as well.  With more and more shoppers using hand held devices, making a long page with plenty of content makes sense again.

The Pseudo Tabs system makes it easy for shoppers to navigate these long pages.  On-page tabs give shoppers the ability to quickly "jump" to the correct section. Plus with all the text visible on the page, search engines read all the content and any tags will also show up (for use with rich snippets on search results pages).

  • SEO friendly - All content is visible on the page.
  • MOBILE friendly - Long content pages are more friendly to mobile users.
  • DESKTOP / TABLET friendly - Pseudo tabs let all users quickly jump to relevant parts of the page.
  • USER friendly - Helpful back to top button lets all users get back to the "buy" button fast.
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