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Lube N Tune - Speed Optimization Review

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Speed has a BIG impact on your store's success!  The Wizards will review your Yahoo store code and scripts for issues which impact page load times including Actual Load Time and Perceived Load Time.

You may already intuitively understand this is an important issue.  Here is some supporting research to underscore the importance of fast page loads and site performance.

  • Amazon reports a 100 millisecond page load delay (yes, that's only one-tenth of a second) costs them 1% in sales.
  • Yahoo reports a 400 millisecond delay costs them 5-9% in full page traffic. (That's when a shopper just quits waiting and either closes the browser or hits the back button and gives up)
  • Google reports a 500 millisecond delay (one-half second) results in 20% fewer searches.

If you think about the actual cost slow page loads have to any ONE of the above companies, you'll realize even a tiny improvement in load time can have a tremendous impact.

Our "Lube N Tune" performance analysis includes reviewing your site for actual and perceived load time issues and providing a report of the major issues affecting your store.  We also provide a customized bid to implement the improvements on your site.

Most of the time improvement can be made without changing a site's layout and design.

Purchase this important review and reap the benefits of faster page loads NOW!