Yahoo! Store Data Feeds to Google Shopping and more

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NEW ACCOUNTS - The first month's data feed service and installation is FREE!

The Feed Wizards data feed service helps you post your Yahoo store products on Google Shopping and other major comparison shopping engines.

Have your Yahoo store products disappeared from Google Shopping?  Do you want to improve your store's natural search ranking?  Market your products and safeguard your livelihood against unexpected loss with the data feed that is perfect for your store - the Feed Wizards service from Your Store Wizards.  You'll quickly and easily post your products on the internet's best shopping engines all while enjoying full-service customer assistance.  The Feed Wizards experts are here to help set up your feeds, make minor or major changes and add or remove services as needed.

Even if you have special or custom data in your Yahoo store, the Feed Wizards can configure a feed to Google Shopping and hundreds of other comparison shopping engines.  Our expert staff will help set up the feeds and load your account information. We are also available to configure your comparison shopping engine accounts to receive data files as well as assist with custom data formatting.

The Feed Wizard"s Standard Plan includes (3) standard feeds to your favorite comparison shopping engines and provides daily item data and image backups.  We will also create completely customized feeds perfectly tailored for your affiliates, shopping portals and any other need.

FREE Tracking Pixel Installation!  When you select a data feed which has an associated tracking pixel, we'll install the pixel script for free or at a greatly reduced cost.

  • The Standard Feed Wizards service includes (3) standard data feeds.
  • Additional data feeds beyond 3 are only $9.95 ea per month.
  • Most Shopping Engine feeds count as (1) feed (We call these Standard Feeds).
  • Premium Feeds are those feeds which need special internal processing or require extra bandwidth.  Premium feeds each count as (3) feeds. These feeds include:
    • PowerReviews (Enterprise)
    • Affiliate Program Feeds
    • Custom Search Provider Feeds
    • 11Main ($199 setup).
    • PPC Management Firms
  • Your initial month for the Feed Wizard data feed service is FREE for your new account and includes all RTML template installation and setup.
  • Your Store Wizards has feed formats for well over 175 different shopping comparison sites.
  • All feeds are completely customizable to meet your unique specifications.
  • Use the Data Export file to download a complete product & section listing. This is perfect for database uploads.
  • Your Store Wizards Feed Wizard customers receive a free membership upgrade on the Y Store Forums.
  • Your data feeds are updated automatically overnight whenever you publish changes to your store.
  • Prices are based on stores that display up to 10,000 items. Additional items are $5 per 5,000.

Set Up Costs:  Some data feeds have a separate, non-refundable set up cost. If a feed has a separate setup cost, we will advise prior to establishing it so we can get your approval. Example of a feed requiring a separate setup is Pricefalls. Because of its complex nature, feeds for Pricefalls have a separate set-up charge of $299.

  • Easily and inexpensively track item performance and profitability by integrating with any analytics (Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, Yahoo Tracking Links, and more)
Edit and customize your data feeds:
  • The Feed Wizards data feed service allows you to easily exclude non-performing items from your feeds.
  • Your Store Wizards will create custom data feeds if you have special formatting needs.
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* Unlimited image traffic is provided for services connected to feeds or email marketing. Free Image Hosting traffic does not include images being used on the live store site or images used in connection with services we aren't providing feeds for.

Google URL verification requirements

For new data feed accounts, Your Store Wizards will help you claim and verify your URL in your Google Merchant Account free of charge.  See for more information.

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