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Looking for a faster way to edit your Yahoo store?  The Quick Edit feature is here!

If you find navigating in your Yahoo store editor takes too much time, give our Quick Edit enhancement a try.  Save dozens of clicks by using a special edit button placed next to every link in your store.  The Quick Edit tool takes you straight to the edit form with just the click of a button.

We install this very useful template in your store. Once installed, a red asterisk displays next to all links to other pages in your store (only in the editor - not on your live site).  When clicked, the asterisk takes you directly to the edit form of the target page.  Now you can make changes without having to actually go to that page first.

  • Save Time by reducing your clicks while editing.
  • Save Money because your staff no longer has to wait and wait while navigating to edit pages in your store.
  • Reduce stress by minimizing the number of slow page loads you wait for while editing.

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