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The essential recovery system for abandoned shopping carts powered by Your Store Wizards. Our exciting Conversion Wizard is only $59 a month. No Revenue Share Fees! - that's right, just a flat $59 a month.

Did You Know?
76% of online shoppers abandon their cart - leaving $18B of lost revenue on the table. Your Store Wizards is here to give you the most flexible option to re-capture those lost carts, built just for Yahoo! stores.

What Our Solution Does for You:

  • Single and Multi page Yahoo checkout supported
  • Coupon has to be setup within Yahoo in the Coupon Manager.
  • Show popup when the user's mouse leaves the viewport of the browser
  • When the user confirms the discount, it is applied to their cart and the popup closes.
  • Applies the coupon on both the Cart and (if applicable) Shipping / Billing page of checkout.
  • Countdown timer X minutes within the popup. When time expires, the popup closes.
  • Limit popup to show once every X minutes
  • Supported Coupon Offer Types: Amount or Percent (does not support Free Shipping as a coupon)
  • Works on Desktop only
  • Supports standard type coupons (not single-use)
  • Our Solution is Customizable:

  • Enable or Disable popup
  • Coupon code
  • Discount Type (% or $)
  • Timer in popup duration (default is 5 minutes)
  • Popup Delay (before showing again - default is 10 minutes)
  • Single use per coupon code per customer setting (optional)
  • You Can Edit the Settings!

  • Border color
  • Background color
  • Heading text and color
  • Percent or Dollar Sign will show depending on coupon offer type (amount or percent). Dollar sign will show in front of amount.
  • Discount text
  • Text after discount
  • Subheading text
  • Countdown background color
  • Countdown text color
  • Action button text color and background color
  • Action button text
  • If you would like to further customize the layout of the popup, please contact us for pricing and additional details.

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