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Product Image Optimization Service

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Greatly improve your Google Page Speed Insights score by reducing the size of your product images without losing the quality of your pictures!

Slow page load speed can often be attributed to large, un-optimized product images. The Product Image Optimization service optimizes your product images and images that are uploaded into your store properties.

  • Improve PageSpeedInsights score by up to 20 point
  • Up to 75% decrease in image size without losing the quality of the image
  • Retain the quality you want while maximizing your page load speed
  • Fully automated once installed, new images are automatically optimized with this service.
  • Works for product images and images uploaded into store properties such as store banners (Aabaco URL-generated image)

During the installation process, we will present several optimized images of different sizes for you to view and select which method you want to use for your images.

Before 79k
After 36.2k - 55% smaller